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TBay recently visited the Philippines and this is our list of 10 Best Travel Destination in Pampanga.
Are you looking for a great destination for your next trip? The most enjoyable activities with extreme and excellent adventures? So, this is the perfect time to explore the Culinary Capital of the Philippines— Pampanga!

In this article, we will list all the 10 best travel destinations here in Pampanga. You don’t always have to look too far from home for your next big travel discoveryWandering around can indeed be an adventure and seeing various views are great too. You shouldn’t always look too far from home for your next big trip.

So, here’s the list of most traveled spots in case you’re planning to spend your weekend or holiday:

1. Fuel Your Flight Fascination at the Air Force Park

One of the first things you may notice as you enter the inner streets of Clark is an area with a wide array of planes. Clark was a former US Air Force Base. Aeronautics remain a significant part of the free port zone’s identity through the Air Force Park. You may enjoy a picnic here, take a lot of pictures where actual plane are on display. And also have a jog and relaxation at the same time. Commercial planes also operate at the nearby Clark International Airport.

2. Thrilling outdoor activities of SandBox in Porac

Sandbox offers various attractions where you can experience a whole level of escapades. What makes it more fun and exciting? They boast a difficult terrain that gives a thrill to trek and drive.

Try their Giant Swing where it creates a back and forth movement at 10-meters above the ground. The Aerial Walk also is an elevated obstacle course with high ropes, ziplines, and bridges. It is to challenge you, to excite you, and to give you the adrenaline rush.

 3. Get amazed with Dinosaurs Island’s life-size animatronic dinosaurs

If you love to know what it feels like living in an era where dinosaurs still survive. Do not miss your opportunity of visiting the Dinosaurs Island! The number and size of the dinosaurs in the place is like in a different world that existed millions of years ago. Over 30 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs roaring while you were following the Dino Trails.

4. Get Your Geek on the Clark Museum

Discover more about the history by visiting the Clark Museum. Learn as you explore into the 4,400-hectare freeport zone. The museum divides into four galleries. Covering many aspects of the history and culture of Clark. Besides, it holds a 4D Theater where you can witness the sights and history of the city. You may learn more about how Mount Pinatubo’s historic eruption affected the base. More of Pampanga’s history and culture in other parts of the gallery as well are there.

5. Enjoy a fun-filled day at Zoocobia Fun Zoo

An educational theme park for kids where they can encounter a more familiar look at animals. The birds are in bright colors and melodious chirping at Birds of Paradise. It showcased various animals and plants that are endemic to the Philippines.
Besides from the Flora and Fauna, kids can also enjoy the Zooc Ride. Experience the thrill of riding their car with the help of gravity.

6. Make a Splash at Aqua Planet

Upon hearing the much-anticipated opening of Aqua Planet, every childhood memories bring back. The recently opened water theme park is one of the biggest in Southeast Asia. Spanning over 10 hectares of land, across 38 state-of-the-art attractions and facilities. Attractions include the Tornado, a ride that enables you to feel it’s like inside the eye of a tornado. A smaller scale (and less scary) version, the Super Bowl, and the vertical-drop slide Aqua Loop. Along with water park staples like the Wave Pool, Octopus Racer, and Wave River.

Indeed, an exceptional adventure falls off whenever you’ve tried their rides.

7. Check out Nayong Pilipino for some historical adventure

Boost up your mind in the past as you go to Philippine history at Nayong Pilipino Clark. The theme park has two areas: Pre-Colonial and Colonial Philippines. Taking you through various points in the country’s rich history. The Pre-Colonial zone features replicas of the Banaue Rice Terraces. The housing and heritage of indigenous people such as the Kalinga and Aeta are also featured. The Colonial Zone showcases historical artifacts found in Pampanga. Replicas of Barasoain Church and the houses of historical figures are also there. For example, Dr. Jose Rizal, Emilio Aguinaldo, and Apolinario Mabini were those. Nayong Pilipino will give you a deeper appreciation of how far the Philippines has come.

8. Visit Miyamit Falls

Considering a more enjoyable adventure? Let’s travel to Porac Peak which presents a breathtaking view of Miyamit Falls. You’ll encounter all the challenges of trekking as you go through. After all those obstacles you will astound and mesmerized by the surroundings. The falls are also an excellent place for swimming and amusement. Miyamit Falls generates powerful currents that fill a basin of pure and fresh water.

Throughout the years, it continues to exhibit the beauty of Miyamit Falls.

9.Up at the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Riding in a hot air balloon is a new way to experience festivities in Pampanga. The Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is a seasonal event. It happens at Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles City Pampanga.

Usually, this is a four-day event. It features multi-colored hot air balloons from around the globe. The purpose of the event is to have an opportunity to share and exchange cultures and traditions. Something to do with visiting pilots from different countries.
Get a chance to experience the Filipino hospitality and fiesta spirit. The event is also creating awareness and educating people about flying machines.

10. Get Extreme at Deca Wakeboard Park

If extreme sport is what you are looking for, then you should visit Deca Wakeboard Park. It is a place where extreme sports meet fitness enthusiasts. Because of an enormous pool with ramps and cable wires, it will let you enjoy the sport even more. Wakeboarding is all about balance and on how you face your fear.

Wakeboard instructors will give you some lessons before you go on your first ride. Then, you will learn how to ride on your knees on the kneeboard first. Thus, switch to the slipper board. It needs a standing position when you become more comfortable riding it.

Exploring more about Pampanga will give you the chance to know more about its culture, history, and its people. Of course, the more you get to understand their way of living, the more you can appreciate what they can offer.

Although, we only enlisted the top 10 best travel destinations in Pampanga. But, as we go through a more rich culture will be shared and try.
A must-visit province if you want to loosen up and try out something new.

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