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People often have several excuses about why they don’t travel.  We understand why these fears and reasons hold people back and why they are completely valid but also why they are not.

There’s no need to let your dreams pass you by as you keep delaying the things, you’d like to do year after year.  Soon you’ll realize that you’ve grown old with the dreams you had in your youth. Yet, they are still unfulfilled and you realize you missed out on some pretty exciting times that you otherwise would have enjoyed.

Thinking insensible thoughts alone will hold you back from traveling. Find the heart to get your act together and start living out your dreams and the life that you’ve always wanted.


Here are the main reasons why people don’t often travel…

1. I’m Too Busy.

The excuse of no time or too much responsibility is a cover-up for putting off that long-awaited vacation. I agree that in life, there are many tasks we must do to progress. But, that’s not to say we have to give up all of our responsibilities and do nothing.

The most productive people in the world take a lot of breaks to rejuvenate themselves. Your will power consumes you with each task you do and that may eventually lead to burn out. However, you can recover it by taking short breaks between tasks. No one is ever too busy to take a vacation. If you don’t even have two weeks out of the year to indulge yourself, you’re doing everything wrong.

2. Travel is not affordable.

This excuse is usually connected to images of travel portrayed by lifestyle magazines. It’s where travelers stay inexpensive and luxurious resorts with the hotels located in faraway exotic locations. The reality is, that there are travel options for pretty much any and every budget.

I’ve written tons on the fact that traveling on a budget is possible. Trying to save on flights? Look into travel hacking with budget airlines for off-season ticket sales. Look into specials that a travel agency is offering. Affordable travel is possible, as long as you do your research and are willing to save some pennies!

3. I can’t travel because of my family.

Waiting for your family to let you travel makes yourself miss out on some of the best experiences. Having small children is not a valid excuse to put off travel. Bringing along your small children on your travels might make them even more fun.

Plan some activities that can engage the family, it would definitely be a lot more fun. Don’t be selfish by having an adult vacation, some of the best experiences can be had by vacationing with your family. Consider going to an all-inclusive family resort rather than an adults-only resort. If you’re passionate about travel, then do what makes you happy! I’m not saying to run out the door and never look back.

4)  I Can’t Travel Alone.

No travel companions? No worries! Solo travel for millions of people is SO big nowadays, and many travelers say that it’s their favorite way to travel.

There are so many outlets or pubs in which you can connect with others. Get to know the locals or try staying in a hostel instead of a hotel room and you’ll make friends quick! There are also options such as hospitality exchanges, make sure to do your research first for your safety.  Furthermore, your life is yours to live and you can’t wait for other people to live your life. But if you don’t want to travel alone, you can also book with a tour company and join a group of travelers from your city or even consider taking a friend with you!

5. It’s Too Risky Out There

Media outlets can sometimes blow it all out of proportion when traveling to certain countries. However, there really are countries and territories that are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Many situations can be prevented if you exercise caution and common sense. Always be aware of your surroundings and if possible, know the emergency numbers in the country that you are traveling in, as well as where the police stations and embassy are just in case you get into a situation. Try to learn the local language, even learning the word for ‘help’ can make a world of difference. Check out the current travel advice for safe countries to visit. Avoid the countries where the possibility of a potential terrorist attack or armed robbery would happen. Do your research, and always travel smart.

Now that we have put your fears aside and offered you some insight on why traveling would change your life for the better, what are you waiting for? Forget all of the excuses of why you can’t travel, it’s possible! Develop some wanderlust after going on a few trips. You’ll be amazed at how misguided your reasons for not traveling were. The best and most simple cure for traveling is to pack your bags and hit the road. You’ll be glad you did! And it’s one of the quickest ways to learn some valuable life lessons that would otherwise not happen if you didn’t take the chance on traveling. Travel is possible if you make it a priority, and to us, it was worth the sacrifices we made to make it happen. Bon, voyage!

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